Windows 10 arrived, now what!

Being a software company, we often get questions in general about what’s happening in the world of technology.  Recently we have been getting a lot of questions about Windows 10 which Microsoft released yesterday and is giving away (yes that’s right – something for nothing).  For what it’s worth, my advice is, “you get what you pay for…”.

Windows 10 is being touted by Microsoft as its “last version of Windows”.  What does that really mean?  It means they are switching to an update based model like IOS or Android to deploy new features instead of producing brand new operating systems.  For the consumer this means you would get new features faster but the elephant in the room is how is Microsoft going to monetize it? 

With  the old OS deployment method Microsoft made money hand in hand with hardware producers by deploying new versions of Windows on new machines.   If you don’t need a new machine to get an updated OS that means Microsoft has effectively tanked the hardware market for the next few years until either their OS upgrades require additional resources not found on machines today or the old machines die.  It’s just another way to beat out some competitors since Microsoft is in the hardware market now.

And what about the updates?  My bet is that since they have now removed the ability to turn off automatic updates everyone will be Microsoft’s guinea pig for updates that they haven’t fully tested or that will bomb out of the gate.  I’m waiting for the day that the first Windows 10 machine comes up with the message “You have an update from Microsoft but you have to pay $$ for it.  Please input your credit card information to continue…” and you will have no option.

Some may say I’m a naysayer and that I need to progress like Microsoft does.  Personally I don’t like to be Microsoft’s guinea pig and my response and rallying cry is “remember Windows ME”!

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