Gopher Mobile is here with Gopher Companion

Gopher Companion is a mobile contacts app on steroids! If you use Android or iPhone contacts, you already know how to use the Gopher Companion. Gopher Companion’s amazing yet simple to use mobile power connects live in real time to your Gopher database in the cloud or on your network. Searches can be saved as “Hot Lists” that utilize your mobile phone contacts for dialing, emailing, and text messaging. “Hot Lists” on Gopher Companion can be sorted by record date, change date, last contact date, name or distance to client’s work site. Enter a client’s zip code and Gopher companion will sort any “Hot List” by distance from client’s work site. With a single tap send an email, text message or call. Each contact displays real time complete profiles of the selected person including company, job title, salary, status, skills and the most current notes from the database entered by your recruiting or marketing group

Click to view the white board on Gopher Companion

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