Why so many recruiting software packages?

I really don’t know. I am not an official tracker of software so I am unsure if the recruiting industry is an anomaly or if this is a trend for software in general. Like cell phone choices, recruiting software options have gone from only a handful in the late 80’s to hundreds, perhaps well over a thousand now, so how do you choose? I get confused trying to buy a new cell phone and that is not a life or death decision for me. But for small, third-party recruiting businesses, deciding on recruiting software can be a life or death decision for that business. … more

One thought on “Why so many recruiting software packages?”

  1. Soup du Jour is nice but give me recruiting software that adapts and grows with my business, works efficiently, does not have down time, and support is available in a timely manner when I need it.

    Gee, just describe GO4…good work everyone!

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