Best tip of the month – Firing clients

I always have to wonder, recruiters are always trying to improve how fast they can get an applicant in front of the hiring source.  They constantly look for techniques and recruiting software to speed up their delivery speed.  But then everything thing stops for some recruiters. Why, because the client is not returning the calls or is changing the requirements of the position.  And all that speed is wasted.  There was a good recruiting article that we republished by ERE written by Howard Adamsky on speed and firing clients.  The article was directed to direct hire recruiters but it applies to 3rd party recruiters as well.  To sum up, all the speed and from an ATS, sourcing and getting applicant in front of hiring sources is wasted energy if you do not have a responsive hiring source.  For direct hire clients you need to find a way to get them to move faster.  For 3rd party clients you need to fire them.

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