Beating Applicant Tracking Systems

This article was written by Meridith Levinson and Brian Mecca turned it into a discussion on LinkedIn I like the article but it may be for reasons other than Brian had in mind.  I do agree with him 100% on the reasons he describes but not sure about the accuracy of 75% kill rate.  But he is correct most “Direct Hire” internal recruiting systems are not very good.   Most “3rd Party” recruiters will attest to this failure if they joined the ranks as a “Direct Hire” recruiter and tried to use their internal applicant tracking system.   3rd party applicant tracking systems are far superior to “Direct Hire” systems.  They are better not only because of the software but because of the user and the motivation. The real “tell’ here is that if a 3rd party recruiter’s applicant tracking system is not working they must find one that does work or they will be out of business.  What is so frustrating for me over the years is that you cannot simply take a good 3rd party recruiting system and ‘Bolt’ it into the ‘Direct Hire’ machinery of a HR department because it usually fails just like the rest.  So I have to believe it is not the tool, it is the tool user.

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