How to Get Your Recruiting Emails Read

For many recruiters, email is the most important tool you (think) you have. Even more so than the phone, email communications are what recruiters spend 50-70% of their day managing. Regardless of the availability of great ATS tools like Gopher, some recruiters use email exclusively for their recruiting. Tell a recruiter that they won’t have their phone for the day and they will make due.  Tell a recruiter that they won’t have email for a day and they will probably tell you it will put them out of business.

But do you ever stop to think about whether emails you send are getting read?  If you think about your own inbox, how many emails do you get each day that go unread and why? What compels you to open an email when you have an overwhelming number of emails to manage every day? With over 144 billion emails sent globally each day and 61% of those emails considered non-essential, getting your email opened by the recipient can be a challenge. See our January newsletter for tips and these links on getting your emails read.