The Flip Side of Nurturing

Last month we talked about filtering big data down to manageable small data and nurturing those relationships but there is a flip side. Corporate America has moved away from relationships in their corporate structures and people are becoming more like redundant and easily replaced parts. Gone are the days of companies being loyal to their employees in the way that employees are loyal to a company and contribute their lifetime of work towards making that company successful. In this dim future, nurtured relationships do not have the same value that they used to. Recruiting for parts (applicants) comes down to a numbers game of skill set matching applicants to a cog (job) in the corporate machine. Any recruiter can see signs of this bizarre future already in the big data on the internet. The idea of a proprietary candidate is falling by the wayside as the internet’s huge source of human capital is accessed by everyone. See our complete discussion on the Flip side of nurturing by recruiters in our newsletter on this topic plus these useful links.

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