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Custom-vs-Customized – Making your ATS yours

With as many recruiting and ATS software applications available in the market, we are often shocked at firms that are seriously considering either leaving their established recruiting system for a home grown one or actually contracting to build a recruiting system from scratch. Would a surgeon operate on himself or make his own instruments? Does a pilot build his own plane? Do pianists build their own pianos? Why would a recruiting firm build their own recruiting software? It does not make sense unless the firm is global with thousands of employees and, even then, we would question the wisdom of the decision.

Why is a custom built system so bad?  The long range effects can be devastating because once the recruiting software monster is created it has to be fed and cared for. The money pits and resource drains start before the software is even done. Every time computers and/or software evolve to new heights your spiffy recruiting software stays where it was or you invest in yet another round of upgrades and retrofitting. See more on not building your own recruiting ATS in our monthly newsletter on this topic.  This newsletter has these useful links.