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I am back from a little vacation and we need to finish work on the next release of Gopher. I have put about three months of work into revising one of our web sites, The intent of the revision was to go completely in the opposite direction of our old site. To me the old site was the typical ‘in your face’ web site promoting recruiting software.

With, I threw out all the books and the thousands of dollars we have paid to marketing consultants, went with my instincts and tried to follow the advice from the current leader in marketing, Google.

Google’s message over and over again is ‘… offer your audience something of real value and they will come’.

So, I wrote 60 pages of what I consider to be valuable content for anyone in the recruiting business.  You will notice right away that the site is very plain. I did not want any glitz or clever animation screaming at visitors to ‘try this, go here’.

My vacation took me to Jamaica. My wife wanted to see the real Jamaica so we went to Ocho Rios for a few hours not knowing it was a stop for the cruise ships. Our guide advised us to go to the city’s flea market. The market covered about 4 acres of space. We walked inside and were immediately pounced upon by every trinket maker in the world. We walked in a small semi circle hoping to find a way out. This took about 10 minutes. But in that short time we must have been called to about 50 times from vendors selling their wares. We finally escaped into the fresh air. Then it hit me! This is what Google has been talking about! The internet is full of vendors screaming at you to come over here and take a look at what a great trinket they have for you!

It took me almost three months of research to find and identify material, which would be useful to recruiters. I have scheduled weekly updates to the site so the information won’t get stale or out of date.

I believe the biggest value the site offers to recruiters is the importance put on marketing rather than a software product like Gopher. I believe too much emphasis is put on features and search tools. Gopher’s emphasis in the past has been on ease of use, simplicity and making the use of Gopher flow naturally for the recruiter. The direction is going to change to emphasize marketing. Let me drive home the point with examples of 3 of the most successful technology companies in the last 50 years. The first one to come along to teach us something about marketing was IBM. This was back in the days when I was an Operation Manager responsible for the ‘iron’. I knew there were better computers than IBM but IBM’s marketing was so good at getting market share that I would be a fool to invest in anything else. I would lose staff and eventually lose my job.

Then along came Microsoft. They had the worst OS you could imagine but that did not stop them from dominating the computer market and changing the face of computer technology forever. The marketing came first, the technology followed.

Now you have Google! Great marketing but this time the product is different in that, unlike Microsoft and IBM, the product is good too!

I also tried to add value to the site by providing a live example of how Gopher can import any resume. I felt actually showing the product was better than talking about how great it was and letting the visitor see for themselves without being bothered by some vendor hawking their wares. Another addition to the site is recruiting tips. However, I am taking the recruiting tips in a new direction. I am opening it to our customer base for submission and connecting the tips directly to our product. Gopher’s menu system will be directly linked to the web pages for recruiting tips and advice. We already have this feature in Gopher but it is hard coded into the software. The next release will contain links to the web pages making the recruiting tips more fluid and dynamic like the internet itself.
The resume parsing and dynamically linked recruiting tips will be topics for future blog posts.