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Your database or your life

Ok so maybe recruiting isn’t that drastic, but if you’ve been following our newsletters and blogs, you know we can’t emphasize enough how important your database is as a recruiter. Not only does a database hold all of the information about your placements but it also holds the history of your contact with everyone, perhaps your email and if it’s a good ATS, it allows you to analyze and review your effectiveness as a recruiter. If you were to sell your recruiting firm, indeed the only thing that has value to a buyer is your database. (See this article on assessing the value of 3rd party recruiting firms) Many recruiters have jumped on the bandwagon of using LinkedIn as their ad-hoc database to find candidates. What if you woke up one day and LinkedIn had shut down? What would you be left with? There is a reason you can’t export all of the LinkedIn data you want. For more on this topic see our June News Letter and here are some other independent thoughts on proprietary recruiting databases: