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Why Recruiters Can’t Recruit Their Own

Recently we read a Monster statistic that turnover in the recruiting industry is at 43%. Shocking! One would think that being recruiters, our easiest placement is the one we make in our own organization. After all, who knows more about what a good “fit” a person is than a professional who places people all the time? Who knows the job you are recruiting for better than you since you are recruiting for the job you do now? Clearly that’s not the case. We see recruiters come and go from recruiting firms rather hastily – some in just days or weeks after being hired. If your clients knew how bad you were at hiring for yourself, would they hire you?

So how can we turn our knowledge about recruiting into a successful tool for building a powerful and successful recruiting team? It falls into two key areas: making good hires and retaining those good people long term.  For answers see our August Newsletter on this recruiting topic.  Also here are some useful links for any serious recruiter.