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A multi-tasking recruiter, don’t think so!

Humans simply can’t multi-task but they can time slice. Time slicing, as it applies to people and recruiters, is the full focus of your time on one task for a short period before moving on to the next task.  Some can do it better and more effectively and faster than others depending on what tools they are using to do it. Multi-tasking is in that bad buzzword class like “Transparency” and “Circle Back”. We really went off on this in our April News Letter with some good ‘real world’ tips on just getting the job done better that your competition. I always have to laugh when I hear someone say they are transparent. Does that mean they are the first invisible man/woman?  I guess it would be good for duck hunting but I really do not see the value of a President/Company being transparent/invisible and not being able to see or know what they are doing.