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One of 1000’s contacting one person

We read this article about LinkedIn and can’t help but think how eerily similar the reality is to what we’ve been predicting in our newsletters all year. So the one thing we’re not changing in the New Year is our opinion of LinkedIn.

One sentence reiterates our position on LinkedIn. You can only be a successful recruiter if you are one person contacting 1000’s and not one of 1000’s contacting one person via LinkedIn. LinkedIn is just another starting point for gathering the right people for your niche, putting them into your database and developing a long term engagement with calls and personal emails as described in our December newsletter. Treat LinkedIn like a lead generator and you will do well.  Treat it as a source for finding an applicant’s LinkedIn profile, pasting it into an email to a client and waiting for the commission check and another year will pass you by. 

Our December newsletter also has some helpful tips on how extend the use of LinkedIn with some emailing and promotional tips plus these links.