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Making Recruiting a Little Easier

Is recruiting easier than it was 10 years ago? Absolutely, positively NOT! What? With the Internet and all these cool tools and social networking connecting everybody to anybody, how can recruiting possibly be harder? For a recruiter it is like a lion sitting in the Serengeti with a million wildebeests running straight for her. It is more than likely that she will not catch a single one.

Cool tools like Face book, LinkedIn and One Click job postings just make it harder to be:

The challenge today for recruiters is to narrow the focus on the tools being used, the clients being sought and the candidates being considered. That sounds a little like blasphemy in today’s world of ‘Big Data’, but our May News Letter tries to help. 

Here are some nuggets of recruiting wisdom from the May News Letter.

Here is my two cents on Bullhorn’s proud announcement about more acquisitions.  Very similar to airline merger/acquisition announcements, everyone flying just knows prices are going up and service is going down.