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Great article on recruiters and technology

Here is a snippet of the article by Kevin Wheeler

“Are you able to take advantage of technology to do the boring, repetitive parts of recruiting? Do you have tools that automatically schedule interviews, recommend people based on their resumes, create all the reports and documents you need? Are you able to recruit faster than before? Have you invested in systems, technology, and process improvements to lower costs and improve the speed to hire, develop, retain, or engage your employees? If not, you are clearly lagging behind those who have, and will have a tough time catching up.” More …

You can put recruiters into three technological types:

1. Those who want nothing to do with technology or use it begrudgingly and are still good recruiters.

2. Those who embrace it and become better recruiters.

3. Those who are at the bleeding edge and are constantly seeking and searching for any gadget or service that may help them “mow the lawn faster” or “wash the car better”.

I come across all three types on a daily basis. The 3rd type just do not last long as recruiters no matter how good the gadget, service or software they found is. Why? Because they just keep on exploring for new gadgets. They probably have abandoned more good tools then bad ones. These people are gadget addicts. They have the delusional idea that they are creative forward Avant-garde thinkers.