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Link Juice for Recruiters

We changed our blog site from a blogger domain to our custom domain this weekend. Why you may ask? More link juice. I try to stay current with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that recruiters and HR executives can find us when Googling. Most of the SEO’s want us to switch to WordPress because they say it is more professional and you get all the link juice when the blog resides directly on your web site. We may still transfer to WordPress but it is a lot of work and we could be fixing broken links for months. Also I want to track this Google custom domain option for a few months. I think if Google is the biggest and greatest Search Engine than it can’t be all bad that you use their blogging tools. These WordPress advocates seem to be a bit on the fanatical side – they almost sound like they are proselytizing. Yes, I read all the articles on the easy steps of moving from Blogger to WordPress, but the more they are in my face the more I wonder if we should switch.