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Recruiting software product choices

I have been working with Google’s Adsense for one of our web sites. It is one of the easier things to do when embracing Google’s marketing strategies. A curious discussion however has come up amongst the staff at BlackDog. Have you ever been working with or known somebody for many years and then one day get shocked that you and the other person have a wide difference of opinion on a subject?

The point was brought up that the Adsense ads sometimes are from our competitors! I can filter out competitor ads if I want, but do not. Here is the point were I am shocked; I am not sure if I am shocked at the Gopher staff or myself?

I have always believed that it is wrong to deny you have good competition when talking to potential customers. In fact, I get the question asked of me often during demos. I always provide the names of the companies who I think make up our top five to eight competitors. I never say anything bad about them; in fact, I say they are all very good.

The recruiting profession is very diverse. One recruiting software product may be a better choice for one recruiting firm because of their business model. My only advice on the subject when asked is to look at track record, reliability and try to look deeper into the demo of a product and envision the practicality of the features. I believe too many people are drawn to gimmicks only to put them aside after they get bored with them. So the question always is, is it a gimmick or a feature?

We all have been on the other side of a sales situation where we are considering buying something and the question of competitors comes up. The salesperson who draws a complete blank on the subject has always turned me off. To me, this is dishonest. Why does this salesperson fear the competition so much that he/she refuses to recognize that competition exists? Why would I work 20 years to produce a product that could not stand up to good competiton?

Oh yes, every time one of our site visitors clicks one of our competitor’s ads we get paid by Google. I like it when Google pays me and I make money from the competition.