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Sales CRM vs. Recruiting ATS

Many recruiting firms take a forked approach to how they deliver their recruiting services. These firms split the recruiting function into separate sales and recruiting roles where sales people work with clients to unearth job requirements and the recruiters find the applicants to fill those positions. But how successful can it be when it’s like the proverbial one hand not knowing what the other is doing? We often see firms struggling in this scenario when the philosophy is that sales people don’t really need access to the ATS system and they use a different CRM software or, worse yet, nothing at all. Most small recruiting firms do not use this split model and the recruiter functions in both rolls.  It would be ludicrous for that one recruiter to put data into a sales system only to have to copy it over to a recruiting system so why would you take that approach when it’s two people filling the recruitment roll?  It’s the same data that needs to be used on both sides of the fence. “But our ATS isn’t a sales tool”, WRONG! It’s the best sales tool you have if you have the right ATS. Systems like Gopher can handle all of the main sales force automation tasks with ease, provide single point of data entry and integrate the two sides of your business seamlessly. See more in our newsletter on this topic and some great links like these.