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“Creativity” is the genius of a good recruiter. More options equals more creativity.

If you have to adapt the way you work because your recruiting software does not have the options to adapt to what works for you, then is that really a good recruiting tool? For example Gopher has over 30 options for importing resumes and we continue to add even more as technology and recruiting changes. Many vendors such as Bullhorn have far fewer options and focus on a “my way or the highway” marketing approach and jump on whatever is trending.  But if I ever learned anything as a recruiter, joining the trend herds is not the way to impress a good client or the great passive candidate.  They are not easily impressed with the fearsome buzzword ‘circle back’ or being one of 1000’s being texted about a ‘unprecedented opportunity’. 

Our September News Letter explains further why more options go hand and hand with sophisticated tools.  This news letter also delved into the black art of finding email addresses and came up with some interesting links.

We also did a little work on absolutely the biggest trend on the planet and found out what recruiters are tweeting.