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Recruiting is not a “Do-si-do”

My teenage son used to laugh at me for using big screen monitors because his smart phone or tablet was cooler and easier to do cool things with.  Well he is in his early twenties now and running his own Internet business.  He came to me the other day and astonished me by saying “Dad now I know why you work on a big screen. I can get so much more work done so much faster by not clicking and not doing the scroll left, scroll right, scroll up and scroll down Do-si-do smart phone barn dance. Dancing is for fun, working is for money.

Simple is a good until you need a tool that gets more work done faster. Recruiters would do well when they look at recruiting tools to ask one very simple question – How much data is visible on a single screen as compared to icons, menu options and how much left, right, up and down scrolling am I doing?  Our August News Letter does a pretty good job of beating up on this point using specific examples from our own ATS product but the ideas can be used for any recruiting system.  If you are happy with your ATS, our News Letter still has some interesting links on Twitter and LinkedIn.