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Recruiting software for greenhorns

I believe many recruitment systems being developed today make two important incorrect assumptions.

1) The developers of the recruiting software believe they know what the recruiting process should be either because of extensive analysis or extensive personal experience.

2) The recruiters who will use their recruitment software are experienced recruiters.

There are few things in this world that where absolutes can be applied. I have been a recruiter for almost 20 years. I have been writing recruiting software for 30 years. I have talked to thousand and thousands of recruiters and recruiting firms and gave demos on countless numbers of techniques and recruiting processes. I have learned at least one absolute.

No two recruiters recruit the same way! I believe most recruitment systems are flawed with the concept that recruiting is a predicable process and there designs reflect their predictions. I believe a recruitment system more than anything else must be designed with the idea that the recruiter using the system will use it in ways never thought of. Believe me I see it every day. Therefore good recruiting software is not about features that assume a recruiting technique is valid and therefore the feature is cool. Good recruiting software is about the ability to be molded around good recruiter’s successful techniques. It is about making the recruiter’s techniques better not changing them!

The second point of this article is about the headline “Recruiting software for Greenhorns”. The recruiting industry is a volatile fast paced industry. Recruiting firms come and go faster than “.com” business’s. Most successful recruiting firms have at there core, a method of bringing in fresh faces as recruiters. Most of these “greenhorns” don’t make it as recruiters and end up moving on or end up in some kind of support role for recruiter’s i.e. Researchers, sourcers, etc…

So we come to the 2nd flaw of most recruiting system, the recruiting software developers assume that the person using the system knows what they are doing! The reality is that very major portions of the people using recruiting systems are “Greenhorn recruiters”. Put this together with above the recruiting software programmer that thinks they know what recruiting is all about and you have the classic case of the “Blind leading the blind”.

If you know, as recruiting software developer, that a fast majority of your customers don’t have a clue as to what they should be doing as a recruiter then why don’t you write to this audience? Recruiting software should be hard wired to the heartbeats recruiting industry. Information and recruiting training should be immersed into the software itself. The recruiting firm should be able to adjust and add to its training of greenhorns with the recruiting system. If the recruiting software is good recruiting training and the process of recruiting should be so blended that you cannot see the differences between the two processes. Ask yourself can the recruiter be advised on topics like these:

  • Job Orders: Better, Faster, Smarter
  • The Recruiter/Telephone Connection
  • Recruiting Scripts Are you retainer-ready?
  • Can I get that in writing?
  • Resume Makeovers: Should You Even Bother?
  • Can Cold-Calling Be Taught?
  • How to Avoid a Candidate Accepting a Counteroffer
  • Niche craft: 9 Steps to Refining or Selecting a Niche
  • How to Improve Interviewing Accuracy by 50 to 100 Percent
  • A Smart Way to Gain Candidate Referrals
  • Getting Around the Gatekeeper

To make my point,  If your recruiting software does not address the needs of the “greenhorn recruiter” find one that does.