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More on losing placements via spam filters

Some of the responses I have received from this post worry me.  I see that some recruiters do not understand some of the finer points of email protocol. They believe that you can set your email to check for received, open or read by recipient and everything will be cool. Many clients or prospects set their email systems to not respond like this in Preferences/E-mail Options/Tracking Options. Also it does not solve the problem of email going to spam even though it was received. So as one comment mentioned it still is a “nightmare scenario”. But trust me it is not any form of dream it is real life and it happens all the time. My whole point is do not rely on emails “pick up the phone”. Bill Radin wrote a line in one of his articles that I really liked, Using Surveys to Create Activity.  Here is the line.

“I wish I could help you,” said Ellen, Tom’s supervisor. “But until you pick up the phone and start making calls, nothing will change.”