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Recruiters lose placements because of Spam Filters

Emailing a single resume to a client can go to junk mail and cost a recruiter a placement. True story I have heard before. A client calls us and is frantic.

“I just lost a placement to a competitor because my email went to his junk folder and my competitor’s did not get marked as spam. Can you help us? I checked my email address it looks ok. I don’t have anything in my address that would invoke a spam filter! The client checked with his IT department and they did not see any problems. How much business am I losing because my emails are being marked as spam or worse not even getting into my clients email?”

I am sure everyone one of us has been there. On the phone with someone trying to figure out why the email is not getting through or going to junk. They say that going through a divorce and moving are two of the most stressful events that can occur in our daily lives. I would like to add this event as being right up there on the stress level;

“On the phone with Techie, Hosting, ISP or with anyone who in some way touch’s your email from the time it leaves your computer to the time it is suppose to get the addressee’s computer.”

I don’t have all the answers but here are some links that may get you started or prevent you from being smoked by some support techie.

Microsoft’s junk email filter
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