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Recruiting Software Ideas

We have begun development of  a new Gopher. I think I have some good ideas that will help our customers be more successful, but you never know for sure. Some will embrace the changes. Some will ignore the changes. Some will not want to be bothered. Some will hate them. I give about 15 demos a week and have a pretty good idea of what changes in Gopher will do the most good for a recruiter. But, again, it is my opinion as well as the Gopher staff who have been listening to our customers every day. The decision process of what to add and what to change got me thinking about recruiting software in general. The process prompted me to write and publish an article “How Important is Recruiting Software in Determining the Success of an Executive Search or Staffing Firm”? The article describes my experiences in recruiting and writing recruiting software. It supports my conclusion that recruiting software is not as important as I or anyone else might think. We begin writing the new Gopher and I will really get wrapped up in the totally cool work we are doing. But I will always get pulled back or haunted with the thought; does this new feature really help a recruiter? Am I simply creating a new toy to amuse myself? Worse, is it just a new toy for the recruiter to keep from getting bored?