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Recruiter Burn-Out

Good article on recruiter burn out. I did comment on it that there is another factor causing recruiters to burn-out.

One is the “dark matter”. Where do new recruiters come from? 99% of the time they come from their professional niche and make the leap to recruiting because they are tired of looking for a job or just tired of their job. Therefore the pipeline for recruiters is defective to begin with because these people are not necessarily equipped with the sales skills needed to withstand this brutal assault on their egos.

However after writing the comment I remembered another factor that contributes to recruiter burnout. Recruiting is one of the toughest sales jobs in the world, because it is one of the few sales positions where the product (Candidate) can actually say “no”. I cannot imagine if our recruiting products could be able to say “I do not want work with that client”.

The human element to the product can be devastating to the recruiter not only because applicants have a free will but also because the recruiter knows they are effecting a life changing decision for the applicant. Some recruiters can shut this thought down caveat emptor style. Some can’t and the pressure of it eventually kills the enthusiasm for the job, because the product has a voice and a history forever after. There will be no peace for a recruiter who feels guilty because things did not work out for the applicant. It is time to change professions.