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LinkedIn Vs. Recruiters

Ok so we are little hypocritical in this July News Letter.  Here we are complaining about LinkedIn yet we have thousands of LinkedIn connections and we have this prominent LinkedIn share button right here on every post.

Let’s just say honest criticism makes all products better.  So here goes some helpful criticism. 

Recruiters go to LinkedIn like moths to a flame and then die from the burns.

LinkedIn started in 2002 and we have watched it grow from a good sourcing tool to an even greater sourcing tool that recruiters now cannot live without. But now LinkedIn seems to be turning on those who have made its existence possible – recruiters. It wants to be the only recruiting tool any firm will ever need.  Isn’t that called a monopoly?

Don’t get us wrong –  the evolution of the internet into the only resource for finding and filling jobs on the planet is inevitable. There is no stopping it whether it is a LinkedIn or a bunch of Facebooks, Twitters, Googles, Taleos and Bullhorns coalescing together like galaxies and solar systems.  For more on this LinkedIn bashing see our July News Letter. But we are not alone here are some good links on the topic: