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Why Recruiters Need Options

Many of our clients come to us puzzled about why Gopher has so many options. They want one way to do things easily and quickly, but they want it to be their way. Their way and a different recruiter’s way (even within their same organization) may not be even close to the same thing.  Hence the need for lots of options for how to use your powerful Gopher tool. Using and knowing the options for any tool can be a time saver and money maker for the recruiter using the tool. 
Almost every tool ever built has optional ways for its use so the user can make something better or get it done faster. Some optional uses are by design, some are unintended and some just evolve.
Here is a great example of a tool and optional uses:

Hammer: Originally employed as a weapon of war.
Added Option: Claw at the back to pull out the nail you just drove in crooked.
Evolved Option: Used as an ultimate tool to unfreeze frozen iPhones so they will never freeze again.

Our September News Letter has more on this topic and also these interesting links on tools and semantic searching: