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SAAS Gangsters

Working on an article about recruiting tools; Resume Sourcing, Resume Rating, Training and Social Networking. I am struck by a thought. Why are so many prospects asking for the option to have their recruiting software database deployed on their own computers? Then it hit me! What a disaster it would be if they did not have access to their recruiting database! I must qualify the following with this announcement. “We are getting ready to deploy a SAAS model of our recruiting software and we already have a browser enabled version”. So here goes my enlightening moment.

If a recruiter or recruiting firm has fallen on hard times and their billings are down, they may get behind on their monthly service payments to their SAAS recruiting software vendor and boom! They are locked out of their database until they come up with some money. But how can they come up with the money if they can’t get to their database? It’s a chicken or egg thing! This is worse than being behind or upside down on your mortgage. Talk about being “held for ransom”; are there SAAS gangsters out there?

Note: Blackdog Software can be deployed on your own computers.