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Recruitment system’s critical parts

To me the critical part of a recruiting system is the calendar, day-timer, tickler or daily planner. Microsoft’s Outlook calendar has had an unbelievable impact on anyone using a computer for their daily work. Is there anyone who does not use a PC in his or her office environment? Therefore, I believe it is a must for any recruiting system to have a very strong interface to Outlook’s calendar. I believe the interface should work both to the recruitment system and from the recruitment system.

The primary challenge for me is security and privacy for the individual and protection from overwhelming information that impedes the recruiter’s job rather than enhances the recruitment process.

My experiences as a recruiter taught me if there were more than 20 activities on my calendar for any one-day I was out of control and would just spin. So, as soon as you plug yourself into that Outlook calendar it is like plugging yourself into the Hoover Dam. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for because you may get it J.
The objective is to provide an easy two way street between Outlook and the recruitment system but not overwhelm the recruitment system with information from a single person’s Outlook because the recruiting system is multi-user and shared by all.